The Gorgeous Stained Glass surrounding the Church

" Memorial plaque honouring Rev. Dr. Ibrahim Said at the entrance to the sanctuary".

An article about the church and Rev. Dr. Ibrahim Said


Egypt's President Mohammed Naguib visits Church


Sheikh El Baquoori visits Kasr el Doubara Church

Rev. Ibrahim Said invited Sheikh El Baquoori in 1956 to visit Kasr El Doubara Evangelical Church. He tore an Egyptian pound in half, kept one half and handed the other to the Sheikh. This tear caused the pound to lose its value. When both halves were joined together, its value was restored. This image symbolizes both faiths working together in solid unity for our country, Egypt. Rev. Said gave Sheikh El Baquoori the opportunity to address the congregation, he emphasized the importance of being united and strong.


Evangelist Billy Graham with Church leaders, His Holiness Pope Kyrillos and Rev. Ibrahim Said, Cairo Evangelistic Mission,1959.
Dr. Mufeed Said translated the Gospel message for Reverend Billy Graham, Evangelistic Mission, Cairo, 1959.
Rev. Ibrahim Said in a historic gathering of ministers and church leaders.


                          Family Pictures 

The late Dr. Rev. Menis Abdelnour 
(Successor to Dr. Ibrahim Said)
Nadia Said Behmann in his Office
(Photo of Rev.Dr. Ibrahim Said on his wall)

Back left: Sami, Mufeed
Front left: Wadie and Nadia with parents Ibrahim Said and Asma.

Engagement photo, Rev. Ibrahim Said and his bride Asma Atallah Athanasious.

Rev. Ibrahim Said 

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