عن المؤسس
of our beloved
Rev. Dr. Ibrahim Said
His Wife Mrs. Asma Said

Our beloved Ibrahim Said was born July 15th, 1895 in the city of Malawi. His parents were Evangelicals who had a strong faith. When he was only 1 year old, his father passed away.
After completing elementary school, his grandfather sent him to Assiut College. He continued supporting and encouraging him until his graduation from Seminary.

He completed his studies at Assiut College, Science division. It was then that he made the decision to go into ministry. His life was hugely impacted by the faith and the strong leadership of the late Rev. Wassef Filobos. In 1913, he graduated and was accepted at the Evangelical Seminary where he spent three more years.
The Evangelical Theological Seminary required its students to travel and preach in small towns and villages during their summer vacation. Ibrahim Said was sent to a small town called Al Fereezat. To this day, some people are grateful to God as they remember his ministry among them.

At age 20, he was invited by “Beni Mazar Evangelical Church” to be their Pastor. He accepted the call. Soon after, his ministry grew and began to be fruitful. He was often invited to preach at churches of different denominations. He mentioned that in 1919, during the National movement, he was asked to speak at the local mosque on the subject of ‘Unity’. The community greatly appreciated this move of goodwill. It was    
considered to be the strongest sign of brotherhood and unity between the nation’s two major religions.
After completing nine years as Pastor of “Beni Mazar Church”, he received a call from The Evangelical Theologial Seminary to become a resident Professor and to teach the Hebrew language, thus enabling students to study the Old Testament in the original language it which it was written.
1925 marked his first year of teaching. For me, 1925 was an especially memorable year, as that was the year we were united in holy matrimony! Our wedding took place October 22nd at Ezbakiah Evangelical Church, Cairo. Rev. Dr. Ghobrial Rizkallah presided over the ceremony. Canon Gerdner, Pastor of the Anglican Church, also participated, as pastor of my family’s church.
As we were preparing for our wedding, my father * who had welcomed this man of God into the family as his daughter’s future husband, and who had believed him to have been  sent by God, still found it difficult to think of us moving to Beni Mazar after the wedding.

Well, God is good! On our engagement day, May 1st, Ibrahim’s words to me were:

“I have a gift for you!”

He had been in the habit of presenting me with gifts. This time, along with a gift, he announced his special gift, that was his Teaching Contract with the Theological Seminary! We both knew God had answered our prayers! He had chosen to allow me to stay in Cairo close to my parents and siblings. 
* Mr. Atallah Athanasious and his wife, Mrs. Nabiha Moghabghab
At the Seminary, he taught several subjects as well as Hebrew, which he studied under the supervision of a Jewish Rabbi for 3 years, until he became fluent.

God blessed us with three boys, Wadie 1 Sami 2 and Mufeed 3. All I can say about them is that I thank God for them.
Following the painful loss of three young children, God granted us a new blessing, our daughter, Nadia 4 for whom we are thankful.
I cannot help but feel pride and joy when I think of how my dear husband loved and cared for all our children. He supported them during their times of joy and sadness, at times of sickness as well as his encouragement to them in their academic studies. He was truly a devoted and caring father!

While teaching at The Theological Seminary, he was invited by “The Evangelical Gathering for Syrians” to preach in their midst.
After completing 12 years of teaching, he heard God’s call to devote himself to full time ministry, to preaching, and to writing books. He also worked at The Nile Christian Press and was Editor of “Resallat Al Salam” magazine.

He was installed as minister of that new church on March 15th, 1940. As we didn’t have a building of our own, we moved from one hall to another. On special occasions we used to rent “Ewart Hall” at the American University in Cairo. Even that spacious hall would be filled to capacity with worshippers.
1) Agricultural Engineer Wadie Said,  researcher at The Ministry of Agriculture – wife, Amira Assabgy.
2) Dr. Sami Said, Professor of Internal Medicine, VCU, Richmond, Virginia, U.S.A.
3) Dr. Mufeed Said, Professor of Surgery, Kasr El Ainy, - wife, Laila Moussa
4) Mrs. Nadia Said, wife of Electronics Engineer, Francois Behmann, Montreal, Canada
The Nile Christian Press was in the process of erecting a new building on Sharia Ibrahim Pacha. My husband was asked to oversee the project.
As  Director of the Press, he thought of asking Head office for permission to build a new hall on the first floor and to name it “Miss Van Summer” in honour of the founder of The Nile Christian Press. Head Office gave its approval and the hall was built as part of a brand new six storey building.
My husband had a wonderful dream, that of building a church. For years, he talked about “The Building Project” long before any building fund had started. His prayers were answered and his life-long dream fulfilled! God made it possible for him to build the beautiful Kasr El Doubara Evangelical Church, a sanctuary that is now home to thousands of worshippers.

In 1955, my husband received an Honourary Doctor of Divinity Degree from Sterling College, Kansas, U.S.A.  He was the speaker at the Convocation Ceremony. The title of his speech was: “Are You Existing or Living?”

On September 16, 1969, we travelled together to Canada and the U.S.A.
I considered that trip to have been God’s gift to him before his move to dwell in heaven! He thoroughly enjoyed the trip and spoke of it with great joy. He enjoyed seeing our son Sami, who always did possible to honour and please his parents.
He was delighted to see our daughter Nadia in her home with her dear husband Francois. We had a great family time as both our son and daughter were most gracious and hospitable.
Our beloved departed Rev. Ibrahim Said has many sermons and articles which we intend to publish in a book. There are also several recordings of his sermons.
He wrote many books, among them are: His exposition of 
The Gospel of Luke, The Gospel of John & The Epistle to the Ephesians.

He pastored his beloved Kasr El Doubara Evangelical Church, and for many years was  Head of the Evangelical denomination in Egypt.
I thank God for having guided and blessed Rev. Ibrahim’s life and ministry as he served his Lord and Saviour. Finally, I thank God for preparing a place for my husband to dwell with Him in glory.


An article by Naguib Solomon on the passing of Rev.Ibrahim Said.

 مقال بعنوان انسان لا ينسي بقلم نجيب سليمان عن القس الدكتور ابراهيم سعيد

Excerpt from the book Poet & Peasant and Through Peasant Eyes, where Kenneth Baily reviews Rev. Ibrahim Writing style